April 1, 2018

Dear Fellow Lions of 6W:

Great weather on Easter weekend allowed several Lions Clubs in the District to serve their communities with great celebrations. Meeker and Rifle, in particular, hosted activities that were posted on electronic media. Recognition within Lions and by all on social media is an effort we all need to make. Keep up the good work.

It is roughly seven weeks until the combined District and State Convention in Breckenridge. The Las Vegas theme is to prepare us for the International Convention in that Nevada location ending July 3, 2018. The abbreviated District Convention will happen on May 18 wherein elections for District officers will occur. Cabinet Secretary Lion Tom Kalenian has prepared a draft ballot which still needs a candidate for 2nd Vice District Governor. Requirements include being a past club president and holding the position of zone chairperson. The voting must happen at the District Convention so much of the time will be dedicated to nominations and balloting. Reports from committee chairpersons will be accepted in writing only, no long-winded presentations.

The State Convention will begin on Saturday, May 19with a breakfast hosted by the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank. The remainder of the day is scheduled with required elections, training opportunities, service projects, and a presentation by the 3rd International Vice President Candidate, PID Brian Sheehan.

The Centennial Celebration is winding down. Clubs may report Centennial activities through Sept. 30, 2018. District 6W Clubs have responded well and reported many service activities. Service with reporting shows gains in our ability to communicate that Lions does not have to remain the best kept secret.

Two 6W Lions Clubs are working to start a Leos Club in their respective communities. Working with students helps Lions in many ways. Teaching younger persons that they can make a difference through volunteering and service can position them for future membership in Lions Clubs. Letting the Leos pick their projects and manage them is one key. It is mentoring on the entry level.

Remember to have fun.

John L. Ballagh
District Governor 6W


Jan. 2018 Message from DG John Ballagh

Jan. 1, 2018

Happy New Year, Fellow Lions of 6W:

The Centennial Celebration is heading into the home stretch for Lions Clubs International. Congratulations, 6WEST has responded well in accepting the challenges of addressing Vision, the Environment, Hunger, and new this year, Diabetes Awareness and Pediatric Cancer. The last target is very tough to get our arms around. Bring your ideas to your Club then pass those ideas up through the zone chairperson. Lastly, do not forget to tell your Club Secretary how much time you put in on Lion’s projects so that time can be reported to International.

This year, we get a second big bang as Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is celebrating its Golden Anniversary. While the various grants are well known locally for specific activities, the world-wide effort at reducing measles is making gigantic strides in cooperation with the Gates Foundation. Every donation to LCIF for measles eradication gets to that activity. All of the administrative costs are covered through our dues to Lions Clubs International. That 100% result of delivering donations to the target activity has earned LCIF enviable recognition. Individual Lions and or Clubs may make donations. Donations are tracked by LCIF by Club and individual. Award of a Melvin Jones Fellowship may be made when the club or individual has accumulated donations of $1,000. Please consider donations to LCIF.

The upcoming Cabinet meeting, Saturday, Jan. 27, will be by GoToMeeting originating from the Redlands Community Center. The start time is 10 a.m. with a hard finish at noon. I am asking the Zone Chairpersons to report on Lions Club project signage ideas. We are still telling each other what we are doing. We need to let our communities know not only what we are doing but how much more we could be accomplishing. We also need to listen to our communities and hear what services are wanted from our Lions Club. Do not be afraid to ask what the community wants, that way a service project may target a need and everyone wins.

Keep up the good work and enjoy 2018.

John L. Ballagh
District Governor 6W

Nov. 2017 Message from DG John Ballagh

Nov. 1, 2017

Hello Fellow Lions of 6W:

We are rushing toward the end of warmer weather in western Colorado and all those tasks saved for the summer should be finished. Like all mine are completed, not! 1st VDG Bob Johannes has responded well and visited several Lions Clubs in 6W. He is much more organized than I ever will be. Both of us realize that we need clear goals that continue. As now Council Chairperson Dennis Pulley stated last year, “Together We Succeed” Bob and I are asking every 6W Lions Club to work in concert with other Lions Clubs in our spread-apart District.

6W covers an area larger than over twenty states. We must work hard to even see each other regularly. However, we can keep in touch with other Clubs’ activities, projects, and celebrations by using the website for 6W. Lion Tracy Dvorak-Marshall of the Redlands Lions Club has put together a great platform – westerncoloradolions.org. She will post pictures, announcements, even schedules. BUT you need to email her the information at Tracy.r.Dvorak@gmail.com. Her crystal ball is fuzzy right now and she never achieved Level-17 mind-reading prediction, so she enjoys input from all of you.

November is when we all start receiving requests for donations for the end of year. Please be willing to “help those less fortunate than ourselves” as one Lion’s invocation of past years said. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it seems that there are always families in our District who are thankful for assistance in lean times. It is reasonable to set priorities and do what is reasonable and possible.

On the very bright side, PDG Cathy Valenzuela from 6SE has the 2018 convention agenda and registration package out. She and her committee did exceptional work! The combined Districts and State Convention will be in Breckenridge May 18-19, 2018. Start working on your calendars and send people to this event. Lions are still celebrating our 100th anniversary. We continue to SERVE and are working on the next hundred. The keynote speaker is PID Brian Sheehan, endorsed candidate for 3rd VP for Lions International. His “character” is a penguin. Come find out what the penguin is all about.

John L. Ballagh
District Governor 6W

Oct. 2017 Message from DG John Ballagh

Oct. 1, 2017

Hello Lions of 6W:

We are continuing our celebration of the Lions Centennial. Job well done on getting the word out on Legacy Projects. Orchard Mesa Lions Club received double acknowledgement by having their project on not only the front page of the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel but pictures on page three of the same issue AND on the front of the weekly issue a few days later. It is most important to spread the word about what Lions does every chance we get.

The 6W Centennial Coordinator is Lion Annette Silver. She is completing the application for some funds which can be used by Lions Clubs in 6W on their Legacy and Centennial Projects.

When visiting Clubs in the wide-open West District in Colorado, it is obvious that we are spread thin. More than one Club mentioned few helping hands. This is an opportunity to assist our fellow Lions in projects or fundraisers. Redlands Lion Tracy Dvorak-Marshall has put together a very good website, westerncoloradolions.org. She has yet to achieve mind reader status so she needs help with notifications from Lions, Club Secretaries, or project chairpersons with dates, times, and the other information to post upcoming activities. By the way, should the Club Members need help, please ask. If there is an opportunity to participate but no one knows of when, where, how, and what to bring then help probably will not show up. Tracy will post information and even links to your website when you send the particulars to tracy.r.dvorak@gmail.com Pictures of activities, service recipients, award recipients, and Club events will be posted on the 6W website.

A question came up about what the District can do for a Lions Club. One very important action is to be the requesting source and support to Lions Clubs International or Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) for grants whether for projects or emergencies. Should your Club be interested in seeking a grant, please contact me.

Lions and Clubs in 6W are a little slow in donating to disaster relief through LCIF in this time of need. Should your Club wish to donate toward relief of one of the several disasters of the last couple of months, a donation to LCIF will certainly get the funds to the site if one is chosen. There are NO administrative costs through LCIF; those costs are borne by our dues. The added benefit of donating through LCIF is to count those dollars toward a Melvin Jones award for a deserving Lion in your club.

Keep safe in the first weeks of this season change. All pictures of Lions Members dressed as lions for Halloween submitted to Tracy for posting on the website will not require identification of the costumed person.

John L. Ballagh
District Governor 6W

April 2017 Message from DG Dennis Pulley

April. 1, 2017

As we wind down our Lions’ year I am reminded of something several people told me when I started high school, “Enjoy your time as it will go fast.” I heard that again from PDGs and PC’s at the beginning of the year; it is true, time flies by. It seems like just yesterday the District placed their confidence in me by voting to have me step in as acting DG for the remainder of DG Bob Wilber 2015-2016 term when he passed away. It will be a little over 20 months that I have had the privilege to serve as the 6 West District Governor.

In 6 West we have tried to keep the clubs informed and involved in various ways. First was an awesome new website that was developed by Lion Tracy Dvorak. Tracy has worked hard to post current and pertinent information on the site for all Lions to access. As 1st VDG John Ballagh and I traveled throughout the District we have taken photos of the Clubs we have visited and had them posted on the website. We have a few more still to visit but hopefully before too long we will see them. If you haven’t checked out the website please do so at westerncoloradolions.org.

Don’t forget that club elections should be completed by now and the club officers reported to LCI by April 15, 2017. Once again we will be offering Club Officer training in late May and early June to help get Club Officers off on the right foot for the 2017-2018 year. The new officers look forward to hearing from GLT/PCC Lance Balding about locations where training will occur.

I want to commend clubs for getting new members and retaining current members throughout the year. We are still down slightly for the year but still have time to gain the amount of members needed for a positive growth for the year.

Our Centennial service project reporting is going well, please continue to report. If your club hasn’t reported yet please do so by June 15, 2017. My goal for this year is to have 100% of clubs in 6 West report in at least one area.

The MD 6 State Convention will be held May 19-20, 2017, at the DoubleTree Hotel in the Denver Tech Center. Our own 6 West District Convention will be held in conjunction with the State Convention from 9 to 10 a.m. on Friday, May 19, 2017. If you are attending and are a voting delegate, please make sure your club secretary provides you the appropriate paperwork so you can vote at both District and State Convention.

Please join me in supporting 1st Vice District Governor John Ballagh in his upcoming year as our District Governor. He will be leading us into Lions second century of service.

Thanks to each and every Lion in 6 West for what you do for your club, community and Lions.

Respectfully submitted,

Dennis M. Pulley
District Governor
MD 6 West 2016-2017

Jan. 2017 Message from DG Dennis Pulley

Jan. 1, 2016

It’s January already, which means we’re past the half-way mark for the Lions year. As we move into the second half of our year, clubs should be starting the club officer elections process. Nominations, followed by two readings of the officers’ names should be completed before they elect their officers. All club secretaries should report the 2017-2018 officers to LCI by April 15, 2017. This can be completed through MyLCI.

All new officers, even if you have held the office before, should complete the appropriate training for that position. Most Districts will have several options available for this training, including Zone meetings, Cabinet meetings, individual clubs and online. Last year, LCI even offered online webinars for Presidents, Secretaries and Treasures twice prior to the 2016-2017 year starting.

New positions to consider adding to the club officers are Centennial Celebration and LCIF Coordinators.

As of Jan. 16, 2017, 6-West membership numbers are down 18 for the year. We have added 40 new members but have lost 58. Unfortunately, two clubs each lost 11 members so the District is fighting to overcome those numbers. I know with everyone asking interested individuals we can have a positive result by the year’s end.

The new 6-West website has a lot of information posted on it. More clubs need to use the website for posting of their information.

The Centennial Celebration continues with almost all clubs that had reported in at least one area last year reporting again. The 6-West Centennial Banner has been sign by almost all clubs. Those remaining will have a chance before 1st VDG John Ballagh travels to Chicago for the International Convention in June.

Zone chairs are holding Zone meetings in their areas and the attendance has been good. Most if not all clubs in the Zone have members attending.

The next 6-West Cabinet meeting is set for Jan. 28, 2017, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Clifton Hall in the Grand Junction area. It will also be available to those who are not able to travel to the Grand Junction area via the GoToMeeting program.

Lots of positions will change this next year and 1st VDG John is starting to fill those positions; if a Lion member is interested in a particular position I suggest they contact John ASAP.

We are still in need of a 2nd VDG, and soon it will be 1st VDG and 2nd VDG!

Respectfully submitted,

Dennis M. Pulley
District Governor
MD 6 West 2016-2017

Nov. 2016 Message from DG Dennis Pulley

Nov. 1, 2016

It’s hard to believe the holidays are almost upon us and with that we will have completed the first half of the 2016-2017 Lions’ year.

First Vice District Governor John Ballagh has started his training to become District Governor next July. In the meantime John and I are busy visiting the clubs in the district. Our goal is to have all but a few clubs visited by January 1, 2017.

We held the second cabinet meeting on October 15, 2016 via GoToMeeting. We had Individuals from Steamboat, Four Corners, Basalt and Newcastle areas as well as several from the Grand Valley area in attendance. They were all pleased with the use of the GoToMeeting. Future 6 West Cabinets meeting will probably be held using a combination of in-person and GoToMeeting. The meeting was recorded and is posted on the new 6 West website (westerncoloradolions.org) along with the minutes of the meeting.

As John and I visit the clubs in the District we continue to reinforce the value of reporting in the four areas for the Centennial Challenge. Our goal is to have 100% of the District Clubs reporting by June 1, 2017. We increased the number of clubs reporting in one or more areas from 52% to 74% last year 2015-2016 over the previous year 2014-2015.

I am pleased to announce that PCC Dave Parker has taken on the position of the District Centennial Coordinator. Clubs will start to hear from PCC Dave soon regarding all aspects of the of the Centennial Celebration going into the final year and a half of the celebration.

We have several new Zone Chairs in the District this year. They completed not only the Zone Chair training but the Guiding Lions training. They are visiting clubs, scheduling Zone meetings (for the first time in several years) and are getting great turnouts.

LCIF still plays a big part in Lions and John and I continue to educate members about LCIF. There are 4 clubs as of 11/1/2016 that are 100% contributing member club. The club donated $20 per member to LCIF and each member in return received a pin.

As we all know Lions turns 100 next year, 2017, 6 West will not be holding an individual convention but will be merging with the other three Districts for one big convention May 19-20, 2017, in Denver. The host hotel is the Double Tree Denver Tech Center. The 2017 Convention Committee is getting close to finalizing the agenda and registration form.

The 2017 Paul Barbour MD 6 Leadership Institute is already on the schedule for next year at the Colorado Lions Camp in WoodIand Park, Colo. The dates are September 15-17, 2017. Applications are available now. It’s never too early to plan on attending this great training opportunity.

Lastly, I wish to thank each and every Lion throughout MD 6 for all you do for your club, community and Lions, and wish each of you the very best throughout the holiday season.

Respectfully submitted,

Dennis M. Pulley
District Governor
MD 6 West 2016-2017

July 2016 Message from DG Dennis Pulley

July 14, 2016

We are starting a new Lions’ year that I know will be filled with challenges, as well as many accomplishments. I am sure you all will join me to look forward to the year with great excitement; ready to meet those challenges and celebrate the accomplishments.

In late June Annette and I traveled to Japan for my District Governor Elect training and the International Convention. While I was there I forged some new friendships with fellow DGE’s from around the World. It was interesting to talk with them and find we face many of the same challenges but how there are many ways to work through those challenges.

Of course a big part of the training was to be enlightened on the new International President, Chancellor Bob Corlew’s theme for the 2016-2017 Lions’ year.“New Mountains to Climb.” President Corlew hails from Tennessee and they are known for the Smokey Mountains, but nothing as magnificent as our own Rockies!  Since Colorado has 54 mountains that are over 14,000 feet high I feel Lions members of Colorado know how to climb mountains; we will be successful in climbing each mountain we face this year.

The Centennial Challenge continues through June 2018 and as of June 16, 2016 Lions around the world have helped  over 90 million people. 30 million in the area of Engaging Youth, 25.5 million in Protecting the Environment, 14.5 million Sharing the Vision (interesting it is the smallest amount yet we are” Knights of the Blind”), and 19.5 million Reliving Hunger. These numbers are with only 59% of Lions Clubs around the world engaged in the activity. My theme I chose for this year is “Together We Succeed.” I firmly believe if we all work together towards a common goal we will succeed!

We have a challenge set out by the International President to have every member in our District sign the Centennial Banner that was given to me in Fukuoka. Next year , at the International Convention in Chicago, 1st VDG John Ballagh will present 6 West signed banner. Colorado again knows about centennial as we are known as the “Centennial State” having become a state  August 1, 1876 100 years after the United States declared their independence. So we have so much going for us this year! With that said we will have one state convention in May of 2017 celebrating the Lions Centennial. Plan nopw on attending.

What are some of the District Challenges? We have several communities that currently do not have a Lions Club to assist their community. Even some of the communities that are served by a Lions Club they need more help to reach even more individuals. LCI has stated that each lion touches 50 individuals. If we wish to reach more individuals in the four Centennial areas we need more help.

Lions Clubs International Foundation continues to help people around the world. Since its inception LCI has provided over 12,000 grants totaling nearly 1 billion US dollars to help  those who need it. Starting this year all donations made towards contributing member pin can apply towards a Melvin Jones Fellowship for the club.

Important upcoming dates to remember are:

MD 6 Leadership Institute September 23-25, 20-16 at the Colorado Lions Camp, application deadline is September 1, 2016

USA / Canada Forum September 15-17, 2016 Omaha, Nebraska

This  year will pass quickly and will be a memory soon. I strongly recommend to those who have a passion about an specific area to get involved in that area. Whether it is LCIF, KidSight or any other area get involved at the Club, District or Multiple District level. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you made a difference in someone else’s life.

Just remember what Melvin Jones said nearly 100 years ago “You can’t get very far until you start doing something for somebody else.”

I thank everyone in 6 West for all the hard work they do for their communities and Lions worldwide. As your District Governor, I am here for each and every one of you at anytime you need me!

Respectfully submitted,

Dennis M. Pulley
District Governor
MD 6 West 2016-2017